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Ukraine: a psychiatrist’s point of view. Reports, thoughts, articles (1999–2004)
Y. Yur’yev


Y. Yur’yev

* Publication details:
Yur’yev, Y. (2004). Conclusion. In: Yur’yev, Y. Ukraine: a psychiatrist’s point of view. Reports, thoughts, articles (1999–2004), pp. 148–159. Dnipropetrovsk: Porogi.

So who we are?

Our present authorities invoke Europe to remember who made it free from Hitler. But by what price and why today do we concede the majority of European countries as for the life level? (I am not talking about the conquered Germany).

On finishing writing my book accidentally I read an article: “Stalin: fact and fiction” in the local newspaper dated back to May, 5th, 2004, p. 12. There was a text of Khrushchev’s telegram to Stalin sent from Kyiv, 1938:

“Dear Josif Vissarionovich!

Ukraine sends 17–18 thousands of repressed monthly, and Moscow approves not more then only 2–3 thousands. Please take urgent measures.

Faithfully yours,
Khrushchev N.”

Stalin answered: “Calm dawn you fool!”.

The reaction followed very soon. On 30 of June 1941, in the “Prosvita” building, on the first day of German approach to Lviv a national assembly took place during which Yaroslav Stetsko announced declaration act of State United and Independent Ukraine, he claimed: “We are going to destroy everyone who is going to be on our way. Ukrainians and only Ukrainians, not the Russians, enemies, Poles or Jewish are going to be the managers of all the fields. Our authority will be political and military dictatorship of the United Ukrainian Nations”.

On the other day in the national leaflet “Ukrainian news” a message of metropolitan Sheptitskiy was published: “In God’s will a new epoch of State United, Independent Ukraine has begun… We congratulate the German army as the liberator from the enemy and we recognize Yaroslav Stetsko as the head controller of the Western Ukrainian region. (Published in Lviv, Temple of Saint Yuriy. 1.VII/1941)”.

How many people did Ukraine lost for the last 13 years of its Independence and how many we are going to lose you can count by yourselves? Probably our descendant will be surprised by the fact why do Ukrainians have so many misfortunes. That is why we need to define who we are to be and in what way we should live tomorrow.

And I do really believe that the most difficult crisis moment for our society ended; the recovering process — both social and psychological — has already begun instead. I claimed it in summer, 2003 in the interview to one of the local newspapers. The situation with mental health is more complicated. Our government should make much effort in order to change the situation to better. Genofnd needs to be cherished and not trampled and destroyed together with weeds.

If the present authority doesn’t need the “psychiatric method” it doesn’t mean that tomorrow’s authority won’t need it. With these words the author would like to finish this book but he understands that he has generated much more questions and is waiting for the active discussion of the problem.

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