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Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects Ľ


A. B. Dudajev

* Originally in Russian:
Dudajev, A. B. (2002). Educational and preventive measures for counteract drug addiction among convicts. In: Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects. Concluding materials of the international project, pp. 214–224. Kharkiv: Finart.

It must be a complex approach towards the correction and re-education of drug addicts at the correctional institutions, because this category of convicts varies greatly not only according to the stage of their disease but according to their age, record of service, education, level of pedagogical deformation. In this situation there must be the unity of educational actions with the medical and regime-preventive measures. The individual and collective forms of influence must be combined at most. Complexity in the educational and preventive work means successive correctional and educational influence upon every convict beginning with the initial study of his personality till the final positive result of treatment and re-education and his preparation for the free life.

According to our point of view in the educational process at the correctional institutions there must be measures towards formation of independence and ability to assess at its true value both their own behavior encirclement. Besides during the explanatory work among convicts the inevitability of punishment for the drug use and spread at the correctional institutions must be the central point at different talks, lectures and reports of the representatives of the prosecutorís office, courts and other institutions.

In colonies there must be well-prepared trials sentenced sombodies for the drug spread among convicts. Such trials are of great educational and preventive importance.

Labour therapy, i.e. labour re-education during the forced treatment is one of the main means of rehabilitation of drug addictsí positive requirements.

Technological discipline, financial interests in the results of their labour are of great preventive influence upon the drug spread and the formation of the positive attitude towards labour. It is of great importance because the majority of drug addicts have lost their professional skills and habits, more than two third of them are not satisfied with their work, every third before sentence didnít work at all. Well-organised process of labour therapy of drug addicts is of great influence on the recovery of physical possibilities of the organism and helps to raise its ability.

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