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Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects »


V. A. Galkov

* Originally in Russian:
Galkov, V. A. (2002). The role and significance of psychological service to drug prevention in correctional institutions. In: Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects. Concluding materials of the international project, pp. 210–214. Kharkiv: Finart.

Psychological service of correctional institutions is a subdivision of the institutions of the Department of Justice in Russia. In general context of fight against drug addiction in the places of imprisonment this service is called up for performing psychological provisions of the activities of investigatory isolation wards, institutions and organs that carry into effects lawful punishment like imprisonment.

The main functions of psychological service are the diagnostic work, advisory and correctional activities, prevention and prognostication of drug addiction in correctional institutions. The diagnostics includes psychological diagnosis of drug addicted persons and drawing up of psychological portraits of the concrete patients. The advisory function is aimed at giving help to an individual in the solution of his psychological problems bound up with after-effects of drug abuse. The correctional function consists of the purposeful changes of social and psychological aims and value orientations of drug addicted convicts, training them the means and methods for self-regulation and self-perfection, formation of the positive orientation to release from drug dependence. The prevention and prognostic functions cover a wide range of the measures including a possibility to foresee the individual and group behaviors, the prospects estimate of personality development of a drug addicted convict and general social situation within “group of risk”, the prevention of interpersonal conflicts, nervous disorders, neurotic derangements caused by convicts’ drug dependence.

The activity of psychological service in correctional institutions is a living and developing process. The psychological divisions of correctional institutions are mastering new functions, for instance, investigative and enlightened, what will let to raise the quality of drug prevention among convicts to a much higher level.

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