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Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects


V. N. Samsonov

* Originally in Russian:
Samsonov, V. N. (2002). Prevention of drug abuse in correctional institutions of Russian Federation. In: Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects. Concluding materials of the international project, pp. 178–183. Kharkiv: Finart.

This work deals with the main problems of drug abuse prevention in penitentiary institutions of Russian Federation and it contains actual methods of solving them. These problems exist in scientific, organizational and legal grounding of prevention of drug abuse in penitentiary institutions. In particular, modern science lacks sufficient research program of drug abuse prevention in penitentiary institutions; in organization of prevention there is no division, which coordinates this process; and legal grounding is not completed. In order to overcome the failures in preventive actions in penitentiary institutions the author suggests:

  1. Preparation and publication of research work “Essence and System of Drug Abuse Prevention in Penitentiary Institutions” and examination of this issue from the point of view of different sciences and publication of the international “Dictionary of Narcotism”.
  2. Foundation of the Drug Prevention Center at the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation, and establishment of Consulting Rooms for drug addicts in penitentiary institutions.
  3. Adoption of the Federal law of Russian Federation “Youth Drug Prevention”.
  4. Elaboration of educational and psychological methods of studying a person.
  5. Creation of data on the programs of drug prevention.

The author believes that all these measures will be very effective in the solving of the problem of drug prevention.

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