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Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects Ľ


V. N. Kuzminov, A. A. Serdjuk

* Originally in Russian:
Kuzminov, V. N., Serdjuk, A. A. (2002). Drug abuse prevention in the World Wide Web. In: Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects. Concluding materials of the international project, pp. 142–150. Kharkiv: Finart.

The Internet is the powerful influence factor on addictive substances consumption. Its influence is spreading in two opposite direction ó as straining and stimulating addictive behavior as well. In the total 68 Web sites were analyzed. The essential peculiarity of the Web is free and almost uncontrolled access to the information of pro-narcotics and and-narcotics type. This peculiarity, on our mind, is necessary to use in the construction of narcotism prevention social technology. We consider as dangerous tendency the conjunction of two strategies of addictive behavior: so called Internet addiction and chemical addiction. Drug propaganda in computer nets is directed on the most intellectually developed part of the youth and thus representing the biggest danger. This problem cannot be resolved with help of prohibitions because principles of functioning and net architecture assume creation of unlimited number of illegal information sources. The only way of counteraction is the conduction of alternative anti-narcotics propaganda activity. Such activity is already realizing by the number of Web-servers. In the framework of the project was created anti-drug prevention Web-site “Soft Asylum” The contents of the site in the moment includes information about the project, itís participants, about conferences and forums, project meetings and seminars; scientific researches of the project participants; prevention project programs; widely is represented drug prevention methodology and particular preventive methodics. Forum is devoted to particular work with potential and active drug abusers. In the perspective we are going to create communication chat with drug addicts and those, who has no developed addiction.

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