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Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects


A. A. Serdjuk

* Originally in Russian:
Serdjuk, A. A. (2002). Narcotism prevention in the education system: methodical and organizational aspects of special courses reading. In: Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects. Concluding materials of the international project, pp. 103–124. Kharkiv: Finart.

Within the framework of the project was developed the methodology of narcotism prevention in the form of social technology resulting in improvement of a narcotic situation. It includes four stages. The first stage covers procedures of an estimation of an existing narcotic situation. The second stage includes procedures of correction of a narcotic situation. The third stage is reduced to co-ordination of preventive influences. The fourth stage carries out control function in relation to efficiency of the technology of narcotism prevention.

The detailed analysis of the educational preventive programs (anti-alcoholic, anti-narcotic and anti-tobacco) was carried out. The programs of formation of vital skills (Life Skills Training), training of healthy life style, program of functional equivalents, family preventive programs are considered. We consider, that in conditions of educational establishments has ripened necessity of overlapping of the programs of primary and secondary prevention. According to our data about half of studying youth tested drugs. It is necessary to include in system of educational preventive maintenance the programs “Harm reduction” and “Risk minimization”, and also to carry out “Clubwork”. Perspective directions are programs “equal to equal” “peer education” and “peer support”. We suggest that for the moment the urgent task is the integration of the existing preventive methodological approaches of narcotism within the framework of complex social technology of narcotism prevention.

The complex of the educational programs on narcotism prevention for various types and educational levels (as an element of the second stage of social technology of narcotism prevention) is developed. The methodical complex “Narcotism prevention among students of senior classes of high school” includes two educational plans. The first is designed for realization of trainings within the framework of class hour during all academic year. The second educational plan is designed for realization of training within the framework of the course “Bases of life living safety” (as the independent module). Both courses are read by the uniform thematic plan including 10 thematic sections. Was developed special course on narcotism prevention for system of retraining of the teachers. The special course consists of 6 sections, it is designed for 30 hours. The purpose is to fill information “white spots” about narcotism, existing at teaching structure, and also to train the teachers correctly to use a methodical complex for the schoolboys. The complex of the educational programs for the cadets of National University of Internal Affairs was developed. The feature of this complex consists in narrow specialization of the students. These special courses are read since 2001. The special course “Social work with the persons with chemical dependence” is read at Faculty of training of the employees of criminal militia within the framework of specialization combating against illegal drugs spread. The special course “Sociology of narcotism” is read as the independent module within the framework of the course “Sociology of crime” at Sociological Faculty. We consider, that such special courses are necessary to include in training modules of all specialists, whose activity will be connected with narcotism prevention.

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