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Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects »


I. P. Ruschenko, V. N. Kuzminov

* Originally in Russian:
Ruschenko, I. P., Kuzminov, V. N. (2002). The primary prevention of drug consumption in Ukraine: review of experience and directions of the modern work. In: Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects. Concluding materials of the international project, pp. 74–84. Kharkiv: Finart.

The youth is subject first of all to disease of drug addiction. The low efficiency of treatment of the patients suffered from narcomania is well known. It is one of the reasons of the priority of primary preventive maintenance in struggle with spreading of addictive behaviour. The features of primary preventive maintenance narcomania in Ukraine in since Second World War period are considered. The global, multilevel approach to solution of this problem in the Soviet period is shown. However, the preventive maintenance carried administrative, cyclic character. In preventive work the public organizations created by state and the state narcological medical service were engaged. The combination of hushing up of the facts of disease of the drug addiction with ideological pressure on the subjects and objects of preventive work was characteristic for this period. The advantage in the prevention (warning) of with spreading of addictive behaviour was given back to the system prohibitive and penalty measures to the consumers of narcotic preparations. Crash of the Soviet system, the ideological crisis has resulted to non-effectiveness of the old system of preventive maintenance. The absence of a strict regulation in preventive work with spreading of addictive behaviour has resulted in wide circulation of the NGO’s, which have undertaken for this problem. The high activity Christian religious îrganisation in work with the consumers of drugs is marked. Unfortunately, the preventive work of NGO’s carries fragmentary character as depends on financing foreign funds, and some directions of activity are under construction on western sample without the account of national features and traditions of preventive work. Also has a place and low scientific validity of such activity. In recent time the necessity creation of structures adequate (answering) for preventive work has ripened. They should have organizational, methodical functions, to study possessed experience and to promote distribution of advanced technologies of prophylactic work. The principles of work of such center are formulated: integrated approach, direction to definite group of youth, elaboration of the system social value, multi-aspects, sequence, legitimization.

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