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Ukraine: a psychiatrist’s point of view. Reports, thoughts, articles (1999-2004) Ukraine: a psychiatrist’s point of view. Reports, thoughts, articles (1999–2004)
Y. Yur’yev

Review of mental health and governmental reforms in Ukraine in comparison with other countries. Management of psychiatric service, original author’s view on Ukrainian history. Psychiatric and phylosophical interpretations of social crisis in today’s Ukrainian society.
Book abstracts
Youth and drugs (sociology of narcotism) Youth and drugs (sociology of narcotism) (2000)
Edited by V. A. Sobolev & I. P. Rushchenko

The book is written by authors from Ukraine, Germany and Spain. It has gathered the unique empirical material, data of sociological researches, statistics, concerning the process of drugs spread in after war period. The authors consider the sociocultural mechanism of drugs spread and techniques connected with preventive maintenance and counteraction of further youth narcotization.

Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects Drug abuse prevention: organizational and methodical aspects (2002)
Edited by I. P. Rushchenko

Collective monograph contains scientific reports of scientists from four countries (Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Russia), based on the results of the international project “Organizational and methodical aspects of drug prevention among youth. Measures in Ukraine, Germany, Spain and Russia”.
A. V. Samokhvalov, V. S. Pidkorytov, I. V. Linskiy et al.
Alcohol use and addiction services in Ukraine

G. Y. Pilyagina
Self-destructive (autoaggressive) behaviour: pathogenetic mechanisms, clinical-typological aspects of diagnostics and treatment

S. I. Tabachnikov, B. V. Mikhailov, N. O. Maruta
Present condition and perspectives of psychotherapy and medical psychology in Ukraine

V. N. Kuzminov
Epidemiological situation in drug diseases spread in Ukraine and Kharkiv region

O. M. Postupniy, T. M. Chernetska, M. Y. Dovgopol
Prevention of addictive behavior among street children in Ukraine

P. T. Petryuk, A. V. Kanishchev, V. V. Kovalenko et al.
On forensic psychiatric description of persons accused of murders

B. V. Mikhailov, A. V. Kanishchev
Behavioral changes in patients of infectious diseases hospital: current problems of management and investigations in Ukraine

Y. A. Svezhentseva
Sociocultural aspects of drug addiction: qualitative analysis of the problem

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